Help us help Nepal!

Re-building the nation

Help from abroad in the acute phase is massive, and a large number of aid organisations stretch out their hands to help. But help will be needed for a long time, to give people the chance to find back to normal life. Having a house to sleep in is essential to survive in the long run. Please, help us to rebuild homes!


What we do

Together we have improved sanitation by building toilets where there were none before, electrified the school to facilitate computer classes for students and adults, and developed an app to improve farming efficiency and profitability.

The material assets are accompanied by educational programs run by the Nepalese SMILES. True development from within the country by its own people. We are but a small organisation compared to many others, but passionately dedicated to our work together hand in hand across the borders.The smiles we have shared with the villagers and the growing belief in better days are priceless, Help us to see these wonderful smiles again!

Right now

So far, no one has died from the earthquake in the SMILES villages, but there are injuries. Almost all the houses have been destroyed, along with the school. No one has dared to sleep in the remaining few houses, the rain has fallen heavily and the nights are cold. The risk for lack of food and water is huge and thereby the risk for infectional diseases. The coming monsoon will make the situation even harder. While we trust and pray for the aid organisations' immediate help, we must follow or long-sightened goals and start to make plans for the time coming.


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Swish: 123 602 68 27

Stay strong Nepal

What we do

  • SMILES for Education
  • SMILES for Sanitation
  • ICT for Acriculture

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